A year at WeWork Gas Tower: A review of the Downtown LA coworking space

Just over a year ago, I moved into WeWork Gas Tower in Downtown Los Angeles. WeWork, a Silicon Valley-based company with 140+ coworking workspaces across the globe, is well-known within the LA entrepreneur community as having the most “premium” office space experience compared to all the other options out there.

So what’s all the hubbub about and how does it stand up after a year? Continue reading “A year at WeWork Gas Tower: A review of the Downtown LA coworking space”

Presenting “Setting up a CRM You’ll Actually Use” at WordCamp LAX 2017 – see you there?

This year’s WordCamp LAX will be September 29th – October 1st, and I’ll be there as a speaker!

My talk is entitled: “Setting up a CRM you’ll actually use”:

You’ve probably set up a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) for your company before, but stopped using it after day one. It ends up feeling like more work with little value.

With marketing automation tools, you can set up a CRM that you’ll actually want to use. Automatically find out how your customers found you, what pages on your website they’ve visited, and how they’ve interacted with you in the past. All of this information can turn you into a stellar and empowered salesperson.

Just a couple of months ago, I presented “Inbound Marketing: Beyond the Newsletter Signup Form” at WordCamp OC. That talk is available to view on WordPress.tv.

Tickets for #WCLAX will be available soon – subscribe to get notified when they’re released on the site’s sidebar. Will you be there? Let me know which talk you’re excited about below!

Upcoming DTLA WordPress Meetup: Actionable SEO instructions (July 27, 2017)

Another month, another LA WordPress Meetup! As the organizer, it’s been awesome to see the community grow since the first DTLA meetup earlier this year. We’re seeing 20-30 attendees regularly, and we already outgrew our first venue.

Our July meetup will be at Headquarters at 6th & Spring. Join us for networking, learning, and a presentation from Arsen Rabinovich from TopHatRank.com LLC:

Ever wondered why your website is not getting the love it deserves from Google?  Join us for this actionable presentation that will cover multiple real-life scenarios and drill into step-by-step instructions on how to use free data from Google to evaluate your website’s performance in search engines and beyond.

Be sure to RSVP through Meetup.com to receive the security code for entrance. See you July 31st!

Must-Attend WordCamps & WordPress conferences according to some well-known attendees

wordcamp-badgesEvery year, WordPress-related conferences and WordCamps are held all across the globe nearly every weekend. With so many cities and countries hosting these insightful and community-driven conferences, how do you decide on which WordCamps and WordPress conferences you should attend?

Some WordPress devotees choose to only attend their local WordCamp, while others can be found at a WordPress conference multiple times per month. Recently, I’ve attended WordCamp Minneapolis, Prestige Conference, WooConf, WordCamp San Diego, WordCamp US, WordCamp Orlando, WordCamp LAX, and WordCamp Vegas. But if you just want to go to the “must-attend” conferences, which should you plan on attending?

I spoke with a few well-known WordPress community members and asked them for their must-attend choices. Here’s what they had to say:

Chris Lema

  • CaboPress
  • Pressnomics
  • WC Miami
  • Pick: WooConf | LoopConf
  • Pick: WC Orange County | San Diego
  • Pick: WC New York | Boston | Philly (US)

Adam Silver

  • Miami
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • Orange County
  • San Fransisco (now “US” )
  • Arizona/Phoenix
  • Ann Arbor

Other events of course would be:

  • Pressnomics
  • LoopConf
  • WooConf
  • CaboPress

Upcoming new conference looks to be interesting.

  • WordCampus  (higher ed /college)


Michelle Schulp

  • whatever the local camp of the reader is, any other WordCamp in their region (regional is most important to camps)
  • WordCamp Miami
  • WordCamp US and/or WordCamp EU
  • One of the SoCal WordCamps

At least one non WordCamp WordPress event like Prestige, Pressnomics, WooConf, Loopconf, WPCampus, etc. Depending on the person’s job/interest

Alex Vasquez

  • WC Miami
  • Chicago
  • US
  • San Diego
  • Pressnomics

My Must-Attend List

  • WordCamp US
  • WordCamp Minneapolis (Michelle is humble and didn’t mention the one she has been hosting for three years!)
  • WordCamp LAX
  • WordCamp San Diego
  • WordCamp Orange County (I’ll be speaking at #WCOC next month)
  • Prestige Conference

What WordCamps have you been to and which are on your must-attend list? Perhaps there are diamonds in the rough – low attendance but insanely high-quality talks? Leave a comment below.