Lumen Foundry founder presenting at WordCamp San Diego 2017

After hopping on the I-5 for a few traffic-filled hours of travel, the Lumen Foundry founder will be speaking at WordCamp San Diego. The WordPress conference, happening March 25-26th, has picked Scott Buscemi as a presenter in their awesome lineup of marketers, designers, developers, business owners, and other professionals.

Scott will be presenting a developer-oriented talk, “Learning to Love Cache Again”.

Cache makes for a speedy site, but it can make new updates to your site a long and frustrating process. Sometimes just moving your logo a couple pixels can be an arduous task when your multiple layers of cache won’t clear.

Fear not, simple changes to your site can make cache headaches a thing of the past. In this talk, we’ll run through version control, deployment tools, and cache-busting tweaks that will make updating your site a frown-free process again.

WordPress is our preferred content management system on the web – it’s been our platform since 2010. Being a part of the WordPress Community is important to our marketing agency and we’re happy to give back by providing knowledge nuggets!

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Must-Attend WordCamps & WordPress conferences according to some well-known attendees

wordcamp-badgesEvery year, WordPress-related conferences and WordCamps are held all across the globe nearly every weekend. With so many cities and countries hosting these insightful and community-driven conferences, how do you decide on which WordCamps and WordPress conferences you should attend?

Some WordPress devotees choose to only attend their local WordCamp, while others can be found at a WordPress conference multiple times per month. Recently, I’ve attended WordCamp Minneapolis, Prestige Conference, WooConf, WordCamp San Diego, WordCamp US, WordCamp Orlando, WordCamp LAX, and WordCamp Vegas. But if you just want to go to the “must-attend” conferences, which should you plan on attending?

I spoke with a few well-known WordPress community members and asked them for their must-attend choices. Here’s what they had to say:

Chris Lema

  • CaboPress
  • Pressnomics
  • WC Miami
  • Pick: WooConf | LoopConf
  • Pick: WC Orange County | San Diego
  • Pick: WC New York | Boston | Philly (US)

Adam Silver

  • Miami
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • Orange County
  • San Fransisco (now “US” )
  • Arizona/Phoenix
  • Ann Arbor

Other events of course would be:

  • Pressnomics
  • LoopConf
  • WooConf
  • CaboPress

Upcoming new conference looks to be interesting.

  • WordCampus  (higher ed /college)


Michelle Schulp

  • whatever the local camp of the reader is, any other WordCamp in their region (regional is most important to camps)
  • WordCamp Miami
  • WordCamp US and/or WordCamp EU
  • One of the SoCal WordCamps

At least one non WordCamp WordPress event like Prestige, Pressnomics, WooConf, Loopconf, WPCampus, etc. Depending on the person’s job/interest

Alex Vasquez

  • WC Miami
  • Chicago
  • US
  • San Diego
  • Pressnomics

My Must-Attend List

  • WordCamp US
  • WordCamp Minneapolis (Michelle is humble and didn’t mention the one she has been hosting for three years!)
  • WordCamp LAX
  • WordCamp San Diego
  • WordCamp Orange County (I’ll be speaking at #WCOC next month)
  • Prestige Conference

What WordCamps have you been to and which are on your must-attend list? Perhaps there are diamonds in the rough – low attendance but insanely high-quality talks? Leave a comment below.