Headed to Vegas – see you at NAB Show 2017

I am headed North into the desert wilderness known as Las Vegas. Home of mysterious things that stay in Vegas, or so the tagline goes.

Scott and I started Lumen Foundry with a focus on the Pro Audio and Musical Instrument industry. As we have developed relationships with new clients, we’ve redoubled that commitment. Our belief in the adage ‘A rising tide lifts all boats’ has tactile significance to us. Every day, we see that by connecting our clients, we enhance their offerings and their business. One plus one often does equal three.

The Pro Audio and Video industries are deeply entwined. As Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality platforms mature, that marriage – video and high quality immersive audio – will only grow. Our business model is providing next generation marketing solutions to the industry that I have been intimately involved in my whole life. It is both a natural evolution and a no-brainer that we expand our focus to include Video vendors, providers, and retailers.

What do you do when you expand your business model? You go to Vegas, of course!

Let’s meet!

I’ll be at the 2017 NAB Show in the Las Vegas Convention Center on Monday and Tuesday, April 24th and 25th. If you’re going to be there, I would love to meet you. Amazingly, the NAB Show has expanded past the confines of the monstrous LV Convention Center, and now spills over to The Westfield Hotel to the North and The Renaissance Hotel to the South.

Send me a message, and we can plan a meeting. See you in Vegas.

“Going beyond the newsletter signup box” – We’ll be at WordCamp Orange County 2017

Following a talk at WordCamp San Diego, Scott Buscemi will be presenting at WordCamp Orange County (June 10-11). The talk from Lumen Foundry Co-Founder & CCO is entitled “Inbound Marketing: Going beyond the newsletter signup box.”

You’ve set up your site and popped in a newsletter signup form on the sidebar… now what?

In this session, you’ll learn techniques that you can immediately apply to your site that’ll turn it into a marketing automation machine! Understand your visitors, boost up your SEO, and heat up those conversion rates.

We are proud to be a part of the WordPress community and can’t wait to share out toolset and techniques to help businesses spread their messages with the world. That’s what open source is about!

What would you want to know about inbound marketing? Let us know below!

(📸 courtesy of Yvonne Conway-Williams © 2017)

The Lumen Foundry founders are presenting at WordCamp San Diego 2017

Peter Malick (CEO) and Scott Buscemi (CCO)

After hopping on the I-5 for a few traffic-filled hours of travel, both of the Lumen Foundry founders will be speaking at WordCamp San Diego. The WordPress conference, happening March 25-26th, has picked Scott Buscemi (CCO) and Peter Malick (CEO) as presenters in their awesome lineup of marketers, designers, developers, business owners, and other professionals.

Scott will be presenting a developer-oriented talk, “Learning to Love Cache Again”.

Cache makes for a speedy site, but it can make new updates to your site a long and frustrating process. Sometimes just moving your logo a couple pixels can be an arduous task when your multiple layers of cache won’t clear.

Fear not, simple changes to your site can make cache headaches a thing of the past. In this talk, we’ll run through version control, deployment tools, and cache-busting tweaks that will make updating your site a frown-free process again.

Peter will be presenting “Adventures in Woo: From novice to ninja”:

WooCommerce is a solid eCommerce platform built on top of WordPress. Extending this platform to achieve your business goals can take some tweaking to get it right.

After working to build a well-connected store with over 10,000 products, I’ve had a fair share of experience building on top of WooCommerce. These are my stories so you too can be a Woo ninja.

WordPress is our preferred content management system on the web – it’s been our platform since 2010. Being a part of the WordPress Community is important to our marketing agency and we’re happy to give back by providing knowledge nuggets!

Check out our blog for helpful web strategy posts.

LA WordPress: The first #DTLA Meetup was a success! (February 23, 2017)

On February 23, 2017, the new Downtown Los Angeles branch of the LA WordPress Meetup group convened for the first time. The gathering took place at WeWork Gas Tower and included discussions about WooCommerce mobile experiences, site speeds, and hosting recommendations.

I, Scott Buscemi, gave a presentation about caching and how developers can make better use of its capabilities. I’ll be giving the same presentation at WordCamp San Diego in March.

The DTLA meetup will be held every month. If you’re involved in WordPress in any way, you’re welcome to join the Meetup group to be notified when the next meetup is scheduled.