Throwback Thursday: the first website I ever built is (somehow) still online

When I was just 15 years old, a family friend asked me if I could build a new website for his band. I had never done anything more than tweak my Myspace profile HTML a bit, but… I said yes! Along the way, I learned the basics of HTML/CSS, FTP, project management, client management, and so on.

Eventually, I launched my first website for the band HoneyBoy Dupree. Yesterday, I found out that the website is still accessible on the web!

When the head of the band and lead singer, Sal Caffarello, passed away in 2009, I worked with his friends to update the homepage with information about his funeral services. Once the hosting expired, I thought that was it for the website.

However, I was doing some Googling yesterday and discovered that the webhost never shut down the website for some reason. Memories came flooding back of building a calendar system without a content management system, uploading photos and manually coding them on each page, and many other tasks that a CMS handles with ease. Things were much different back then.

If you’re into blues music, HoneyBoy Dupree’s album “Anybody Seen My Baby” is still available on Apple Music and Spotify. The soul in that music is forever.

Me & Sal

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