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Westlake Pro

Westlake Pro is one of the most respected names in Pro Audio. While their retail location is spread across four buildings in Universal City and Burbank, their legacy spans four decades at the forefront of the audio industry. Westlake’s current business is comprised of pro audio sales, recording studio design and also technical integration. Westlake Pro is literally the only audio industry business in the US that offers a full range of both sales and service.

Westlake Pro came to us with a unique value proposition, as well as unique web design needs. The result is huge, multifaceted, and vibrant WooCommerce destination.

Westlake Pro ecommerce store

Westlake Pro Store - MicrophonesWestlake Pro had an identity issue. The name Westlake is synonymous with Pro Audio.

Westlake Studios has been home to some of the most iconic recordings of the 20th and 21st century – Michael Jackson’s Thriller was recorded there in 1982 – and that legacy carries on today. Westlake Audio designs and builds some of the most revered recording studio monitors.

Westlake Pro is the premier name in Pro Audio sales, as well as studio design, construction, and technical integration.

The Westlake Pro website presented itself as a retail store, and also promoted the design and technical services side of the business. The company’s problem was that site visitors often left confused as to what business Westlake Pro was in.

Lumen Foundry’s Brand Strategy Partner, Vlad Dascalu, first went to work with a deep dive study of the Pro Audio online space. Vlad was in the midst of his market research when Design Partner Michelle Schulp began work on the new site’s wireframes.

The recommendations of Vlad’s 111 page branding report were embraced by Westlake Pro management, and Michelle worked to incorporate them into the look, feel, and design of the site.

The Lumen Foundry development team then went to work building out the site from the ground up. Unique to this project was the collaboration with Westlake Pro’s marketing department: with 10,000 product listings to revise and enhance, Westlake Pro’s team worked with Lumen Foundry to push a huge amount of content to the new site.

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