Bespoke Website & WooCommerce Store
Parsons Audio

With its first foray into eCommerce, Parsons Audio wanted to launch a refreshed site with a Products component to dip their toes into the online selling world. Together, we integrated their new branding into a modern, responsive website.


The Parsons Audio website takes advantage of the latest web software to power an awesome web & online store experience.

Whereas the previous website did not adapt for mobile devices, the new site is completely mobile-friendly and adapts to all screen sizes.

Flexing our eCommerce development prowess, we built a custom feature on the site that allows the company to create custom ‘packages’ on the site. Customers can then request customizations of the packages through the front-end of the store. This ensures that customers leave the site knowing they are taken care of by the friendly staff at Parsons Audio.

Now that the site has launched, we can make use of Google Analytics’s web traffic data to see how visitors are interacting with the site and continue to make improvements to how visitors flow from one page to another. We can also use that information to determine what visitors are searching for and how we can better serve them with additional products and content. Knowledge is power!

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