Starting an eCommerce company? Here are common pitfalls. [WP eCommerce Show Podcast]

Starting an eCommerce company seems easy on the surface. Slap together a quick website, uploading the product photos, set prices, and launch. Or even better: create a quick marketplace website in a particular niche that allows other people to sell products and you don’t even have to worry about inventory or support! Right?

As they say, “if it sounds too good to be true, it is.”

I was recently interviewed by Bob Dunn on his WP eCommerce Show podcast and chatted with him about common pitfalls for eCommerce startups.

Listen to the episode & read the transcript here

Here’s the tl;dl for you:

  • Worry less about every pixel in your site design and more about the messaging and product USPs (unique selling points)… Anyone can pay for a pretty design, not everyone has a special story to tell.
  • Budget for marketing and “phase 2” of your web strategy. Don’t assume that the money will start rolling in from phase 1 to pay for phase 2.
  • Foot traffic doesn’t exist on the web. Put together a solid marketing plan before spending money on anything else.
  • Test out selling your product offline before building out an online store. If your friends and family are clamoring for the product (with their wallets out!), you know you’re onto something good.

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