Lumen Foundry founder presenting at WordCamp San Diego 2017

After hopping on the I-5 for a few traffic-filled hours of travel, the Lumen Foundry founder will be speaking at WordCamp San Diego. The WordPress conference, happening March 25-26th, has picked Scott Buscemi as a presenter in their awesome lineup of marketers, designers, developers, business owners, and other professionals.

Scott will be presenting a developer-oriented talk, “Learning to Love Cache Again”.

Cache makes for a speedy site, but it can make new updates to your site a long and frustrating process. Sometimes just moving your logo a couple pixels can be an arduous task when your multiple layers of cache won’t clear.

Fear not, simple changes to your site can make cache headaches a thing of the past. In this talk, we’ll run through version control, deployment tools, and cache-busting tweaks that will make updating your site a frown-free process again.

WordPress is our preferred content management system on the web – it’s been our platform since 2010. Being a part of the WordPress Community is important to our marketing agency and we’re happy to give back by providing knowledge nuggets!

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