Introducing our Brand Strategy Partner: Vlad Dascalu

Wrapping up our first round of partnership announcements is our Brand Strategy Partner.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Vlad Dascalu, our trusted expert in messaging and branding.

With a proven track record in his field, Vlad seeks to work with brands and clients that have tough challenges to overcome. For example, he played an integral role in forming the messaging for Chirps Chips, a cricket-based tortilla chip that recently received $100k in funding from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

Whether or not your branding challenge is as difficult as convincing Westerners to eat crickets, Vlad is ready to shape your company’s appearance.

Accepting the challenge

One of Vlad’s favorite quotes comes from Voltaire:

“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”

This has become the way of life and way of succeeding in his industry for Vlad. With every branding challenge, Vlad concerns himself with the company’s history, the competitive landscape, the industry’s history and trajectory, and demographics of the target customers. But once he delivers his findings and recommendations, he also works to ensure a plan of action is created and implemented. Implementation is important for him.

Why Lumen Foundry?

Vlad didn’t hesitate for a moment at the opportunity to join the Lumen Foundry team as a partner.

“Scott is a good person and f***ing really smart, basically a computer. Peter is one of the kindest souls I’ve gotten to meet in this business which is so rare, and I think it’ll be a huge advantage when it comes to meeting with partners and clients.” Being a partner of the company started by Scott and Peter was a perfect fit.

Vlad’s Vision: the future of branding

Digital vs analog

“There is no such thing as a digital brand and an analog brand – they’re one in the same,” Vlad says. In other words, brands shouldn’t expect to have different personas or strategies when they’re online or offline. Humans* expect messaging to be consistent across all mediums.

*Vlad avoids words like ‘consumers’ or ‘customers’ and instead use the term ‘humans’ as a constant reminder that we’re dealing with fellow humans, not just numbers or data points.

A brand can’t be printed on a piece of paper

“Branding is the actions of the business and how they’re reflected into the minds of humans.” In other words, it doesn’t matter what your company says that its values are about or what you’re aiming to accomplish. Instead, humans will remember what you have done and how they perceived that action.

With that kind of philosophy on branding, it’s all the more important for branding to not just be a piece of paper with a list of values and a pretty logo. Instead, the core mission has to be actionable and embodied by the entire culture and value system of the company’s employee base. That’s again why brand implementation is so important to Vlad.

The beginning has already begun

Our partnership with Vlad has already resulted in the successful launch of a redesigned eEcommerce site for Westlake Pro. His extensive yet succinct branding report was a hit with the Westlake Pro management team and the design direction took his research and findings into full consideration.

We’re looking forward to working alongside our wonderful brand strategist on more and more client projects.

Welcome, Vlad!

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