Why we host with WP Engine

Hosting: every website needs it. When we start working with a new client, choosing a hosting provider is one important decisions that we make. For us, that decision is almost always to work with WP Engine.

But, the question that usually follows that is, “Why?”

Personally, I have attempted nearly every hosting situation possible for clients: shared hosting, VPS hosting with cPanel, Amazon Web Services with cPanel, Digital Ocean, you name it. Once I discovered WP Engine a few years back, I never looked back.

In short, their managed experience means you don’t need to worry about the nitty gritty side of hosting your website. It’s almost like the unofficial Apple slogan: “It just works.”

Here’s the top perks of WP Engine:

  • Expert support: respectable WordPress professionals that are around 24/7 via live chat
  • Built-in security: no more messing with a security plugin and worrying about the settings — it’s built-in
  • Free SSL through Let’s Encrypt: privacy at no additional cost
  • Reliable uptime, speedy servers, built-in caching: all without any monitoring or finagling with settings
  • Nightly backups: your site is backed up nightly and easy to restore or download
  • Migrations made easy: moving from another host to WP Engine is speedy as can be

Time to move your site to WP Engine? Check out their site (affiliate link).

Looking for a web consultant that’s familiar with WP Engine? Get in touch.

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