Going solo: returning to eCommerce development roots

Hey, it’s Scott.

Earlier this year, I founded Lumen Foundry with Peter Malick. Our services included inbound marketing, blogging, email marketing, marketing automation setup, web+eCommerce development, conversion optimization, and many other offerings related to inbound.

After a few months, we found ourselves working two separate mini-companies: one for inbound and another for web development. Complementary, but quite separate.

As a result, we’ve decided to part ways. Peter is now the CEO of Inbound AV, and I’m now the head of Lumen Foundry. It’s all amicable and friendly – there are even some clients that we’ll still help together 🙂

What’s next for Lumen Foundry

Alongside the organizational change, our service offerings are reverting back to where they were before this year: WordPress+eCommerce development.

I recently took a trip to American Samoa that lit a fire in my belly – I’m hungry for projects that are challenging and meaningful.
Innovative projects.
Ideas that have never been approached before.
Products that will have a positive impact on the world or the people that live on this planet.

Soon I’ll be writing more about my personal transformations (and yes, I shaved off my hair!). Stay in touch on Twitter @scottbuscemi or reach out if you’d like to work together on a project. I’m also available for ongoing consulting+development retainers!

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