Cloudflare is launching domain registration services

cloudflare registrar screenshot

Cloudflare has built a name for itself as a reliable CDN, firewall, and DNS provider. Now the company is coming after another service that’s plagued with overpriced providers and confusing configurations: domain registration.

Before the end of the year, Cloudflare will open up registrations and transfers for domain names.

The pricing caught the attention of many when they made the announcement: they won’t be charging anything more than the wholesale registry & ICANN fees. As such, the annual cost of a domain will be $8.03 for .COM, $9.95 for .NET, and $10.11 for .ORG.

That includes privacy registration, complete WHOIS management, multi-user support, and a whole load of other security-related management tools.

To get in line for CloudFlare Registrar, request early access on their website.

Whether you transfer your domain to CloudFlare or stay with your current registrar, be sure to enable 2-factor authentication for your Dashboard. Losing your domain is one of the worst technical atrocities that can happen to your business, so stay safe and enable all security features available to you.

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