Going beyond email marketing [Marketing A Go Go Podcast #008]

Email marketing has become an extremely sophisticated marketing tool. New features from providers like Mailchimp offer functionality that could cost thousands of dollars just months ago.

In this episode Scott and Peter discuss the email marketing features that you can use to grow your business. They also discuss why email marketing alone does not give you all the tools needed in an uber competitive online world.

Email platforms have made great strides towards offering Marketing Automation, but to optimize the platform, businesses also need actionable information about what is happening on their website.

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Podcasting & Yoga with Libsyn’s Community Relations Manager [Marketing A Go Go Podcast #007]

Peter and Scott welcome Libsyn’s Community Relations Manager, Elsie Escobar, to the podcast.

Elsie is truly a podcasting pioneer, having begun Elsie’s Yoga Class podcast in 2006. Over 10 years later the podcast has amassed a stunning 5 million downloads.

We talk about the early days of podcasting, and how Elsie produces The Feed, the official Libsyn podcast.

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Don’t be fooled by this Github scam when hiring a developer

When we’re on the prowl for new developers to join our team or help out as freelancers, there’s a common scam we’ve run across multiple times in the past few months. It’s easy to fall for, and letting this slip by can mean hiring someone that doesn’t actually have the skills they portray.

One of the first things we request during the application process is their Github repo. This gives us lots of insights about them:

  • Range of coding languages they can write in
  • How they tackle complex problems through code
  • Formatting and cleanliness, styling
  • Interests and side projects
  • Willingness to share code with the community (open source rocks)
  • Experience with the platforms we’re working with (WordPress & ActiveCampaign)

Recently, we’ve been seeing a trend of developers using a Github feature to trick people into believing they have written and managed code that is not their own. In most cases, the use of this feature is not malicious, but it’s worth spreading the word to bring awareness to some bad apples that are out there using this as a scam.

A Github feature is being used as a scammy sales tactic. Click To Tweet

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Adventures in WooCommerce: Peter’s presentation at WordCamp San Diego 2017 [Slides now available]

Lumen Foundry’s CEO, Peter Malick, presented “Adventures in WooCommerce” at the WordPress conference “WordCamp” in San Diego yesterday. As promised, the slides are now available on slideshare for viewing:


Living proof of content marketing at work [Marketing A Go Go Podcast #006]

We are joined in this episode by the host of Matt Report. WordPress Expert, marketer, and agency owner Matt Medeiros join Peter and Scott in the sixth episode of Marketing A Go Go.

Matt Medeiros grew up in and around his family’s Mazda dealership. Needing to forge his own path, he has built a diverse online mini-empire through the power of content marketing.

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Building Trust with Your Visitors [Marketing A Go Go Podcast #005]

This week Peter and Scott continue their series that is best described as Inbound Marketing 101.

You have been successful in getting a total stranger to visit your site. What’s even better is that this stranger is a potential customer, and quite interested in what you’re selling.

What happens next? In this episode we dig into the next steps in the journey from stranger to customer. We look at ways to engage your new prospect, as well as some of the ways Inbound Marketing can be used as an effective tool to close the sale.

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Where the Inbound Marketing Journey Begins [Marketing A Go Go Podcast #004]

This week we discuss what the beginning of an Inbound Marketing program looks like. The foundation of a successful campaign starts with content. To be more specific, rich, valuable content – information that your target market will find valuable.

Not only will your future customers find such content informative, but so will Google. Acquiring Search Engine Love is crucial to any successful Inbound Marketing campaign. We dig into this reality by discussing the iconic tube microphone Neumann u47, and how a pro audio company might market a modern version of the u47.

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What is inbound marketing? [Marketing A Go Go Podcast #003]

This week, Peter and Scott discuss their visit to the 2017 NAMM Show, the National Association of Music Manufacturers conference that is held in Anaheim, California each January.

What is Inbound Marketing? Beyond the visit to NAMM, the podcast explores the core components of Inbound Marketing. What is it, and how can it be used as a tool for your small business?

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[Knowledge Nugget] Using progressive disclosure to improve web user experience

Crafting a seamless user experience for an interface takes a certain level of genius and creativity. One technique is called progressive disclosure – the concept of showing the right interface at the right time in context.

At WordCamp Orange County 2016, our Lead Design Partner, Michelle Schulp, demonstrated this technique used in an event management plugin.

Video Transcript:

Another one that’s one of my favorites is the concept of progressive disclosure and that’s basically where you show only the content that you absolutely need at first and then show more to the user as needed.

This is different than a wizard because in a wizard, you are shown this screen and then this screen and then this screen. With progressive disclosure, you’re shown one thing and then the next thing in the context and then the next thing in the context. So at the end, you’ve got a whole bunch of information. I have got an example here. So here is like a recurring events interface, right? So recurring events are complicated, there’s a lot going on. But the first thing you see is, this is a recurring event, what date did it start? What time is it? Once you pick that you like, I want to add a rule. Cool. Now this is how I want it to be every day at the same time ending on this thing. All right. I got this, I’ve said it. If I change my mind about the start date, its right there. I can still go back and change it. OK I want to change this to be a different time, this rule is going to be different time and that time. So now I see this new stuff, I can change the time. At any given time, I could still go back and change my mind about any of it I can reset it it’s all there in context.

Now I want to add another rule. Also I want this to be weekly at this time. Now if I would have seen all of this right at the beginning, like right when I showed up, I would’ve been like what am I even doing right now? Right? But because I was able to go through the steps, I’m able to do it fairly easily. And yet I still know where I came from and where

I’m going and I can change my mind about any of it at any given time. So I’m a big fan of progressive disclosure when it comes to displaying complex content. Especially in admin interfaces, I think it’s wonderful.

Introducing our Brand Strategy Partner: Vlad Dascalu

Wrapping up our first round of partnership announcements is our Brand Strategy Partner.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Vlad Dascalu, our trusted expert in messaging and branding.

With a proven track record in his field, Vlad seeks to work with brands and clients that have tough challenges to overcome. For example, he played an integral role in forming the messaging for Chirps Chips, a cricket-based tortilla chip that recently received $100k in funding from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

Whether or not your branding challenge is as difficult as convincing Westerners to eat crickets, Vlad is ready to shape your company’s appearance.

Accepting the challenge

One of Vlad’s favorite quotes comes from Voltaire:

“No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.”

This has become the way of life and way of succeeding in his industry for Vlad. With every branding challenge, Vlad concerns himself with the company’s history, the competitive landscape, the industry’s history and trajectory, and demographics of the target customers. But once he delivers his findings and recommendations, he also works to ensure a plan of action is created and implemented. Implementation is important for him. Continue reading “Introducing our Brand Strategy Partner: Vlad Dascalu”