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Episode 10 of our Marketing A Go Go podcast had a discussion about Inbound Marketing and the sales process for high ticket pro audio products like recording studio consoles. I told the story of a friend who is building a big new studio, and the decision process he is going through in choosing his recording console.

Roland, not his real name, was considering an SSL console. His studio designer was pushing an old SSL 4000 G Series console like this one. It’s an iconic piece of gear, but one that needs constant caretaking. Roland was also considering an SSL AWS, as well as an SSL Duality.

My belief is that Inbound Marketing could be a super powerful tool to help close the sale of a new console. I also mentioned that I couldn’t understand why none of the major audio console companies were using Inbound methodologies.

A link to the podcast was forwarded to marketing at Solid State Logic in case they were interested in what we had to say. The next day there was a comment posted on the podcast’s hosting page from [email protected]:

SSL Console, the 9K

Jim’s Post

Dear Scott and Peter.

Interesting conversation, however our own web and social traffic analysis gives us very interesting insights into those who visit our sites and channels.

The main issue with the proposal you make is that LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of people come back and repeat visit our website to browse, to dream, to drool or just show their friends. Much like how many people visit the Ferrari website for example.

Let’s do a thought experiment. If we compare the number of views that the Duality page gets to our CRM prospects pipeline down to how many Dualities we actually sell we would quite obviously need either; lots and lots and lots of automated emails sent with a woefully low successful rate or a trained sales force a factor of 100 larger than it is today in order to make meaningful contact with every prospect

While I’m not for a moment knocking your own marketing chops, don’t assume you know our marketing systems.

SSL goes Inbound

My Reply:

Dear Jim,

Thank you for taking the time to listen to our podcast! I am not surprised to hear that there are many web visitors to the SSL Duality product pages. It is an incredible product, and though I’m not a prospect, I am one of those visitors who have come “to dream, to drool or just show [my] friends”. In fact, I’ve made that visit many times.

That high rate of traffic is the exact reason marketing automation would be a powerful tool for SSL. In its most basic implementation, you might simply gather email addresses and send automated campaigns that have a “woefully low successful rate” as you put it.

That is not what a well implemented marketing automation campaign provides, though.

Let’s look at a strategy you could use to get qualified, actionable SSL Duality leads to your sales team.

eBook offer – Cast a Wide Net

First, SSL creates a downloadable eBook that offers a history of the SSL console. It is strictly informative, and has lots of images of SSL consoles in recording studios around the world, both present and past. It includes quotes from famous producers, mixers, and musicians. It is something that professionals, as well as hobbyists, would like to read.

In order to download the eBook, a visitor fills out a form containing name and email address. You ask one question that has checkbox answers. The question could be :

Which of these best describes you?

  • Music Producer
  • Mix Engineer
  • Post Production Specialist
  • Home Recording Engineer
  • Student Producer
  • Musician with a Project Studio

Since the SSL site has excellent traffic, you make the eBook offer available on the site, you also post to your social channels, and alert Pro Audio Bloggers, too.

You integrate Inbound Marketing software and insert the appropriate tracking code on the Solid State Logic website. When any visitor downloads the eBook, SSL will not only know about that visitor’s future actions, you will also know about any previous visit made since the Inbound Marketing software was installed.

Marketing Automation

At this point, you already have some actionable information. For example, you can be relatively sure that the visitor who identifies as Student Producer is going to be more interested in an offer for a 500 series module, than a Duality console. When that student visits the Duality product page, it wouldn’t be a great use of resources to send them as a qualified lead to sales.

Now, let’s fast forward ahead in time. Another visitor downloaded the eBook and identified herself as a Mix Engineer. Since downloading the eBook, she’s answered more mini surveys that have been sent to her, she’s also downloaded a subsequent eBook named “Integrating a Recording Console into your Hybrid Studio”. She is an occasional visitor to the product pages of SSL consoles.

From the data you’ve gathered since developing an Inbound Marketing program, you identify her actions as the actions of a SQL – Sales Qualified Lead.

Through collection and analysis of prospect data, those visitors to the Duality product page are no longer a mystery. Your comparison to the Ferrari website is, in fact, quite apt. If you analyse the technology that is attached to you will find that Ferrari uses Hubspot Inbound Marketing Automation, the company who coined the phrase Inbound Marketing. They use it to sift through all the casual visitors, and then get the real prospects to sales. Ferrari does this because it works!

All about the data

I don’t claim to know your marketing practices, but just like you have the ability to see the technology that is attached this site*, I do know that you currently don’t have Inbound Marketing technology installed. Solid State Logic, or any other recording console vendor for that matter, could increase sales by engaging in this powerful methodology.

I’d be more than happy to give you an in depth demo of what Inbound could do. I think you’ll be happily surprised.




* This website is built on WordPress, and has both ActiveCampaign and Hubspot marketing automation installed.



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