Abandoned cart recovery made simple with Jilt [tl;dr review]

Abandoned cart recovery for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads used to involved a jumble of janky extensions and a couple crossed fingers. That’s a thing of the past.

Here’s a quick review of Jilt, from the reputable SkyVerge.

Why it deserves a raving review

  • Jilt grabs the email address from your prospective customer as they type it in, rather than waiting for them to submit a form if they’re a new customer
  • Wickedly simple installation — and configuring the email reminders is very straight forward
  • The dashboard has awesome statistics for monitoring recovered orders/revenues and total abandoned orders/revenues
  • Inexpensive pricing, depending on your product (see below)

Who it’s good for

The pricing model is based on the number of customers “engaged”, which means that you are charged per unique customer that leaves an abandoned cart. It’s free for the first 25, then starts at $29 for the next 25.

If your average revenue per cart is very small (<$10), the pricing most likely won’t work with your business. For the client that I’ve been using this with, the minimum cart value is at least $89, so with the awesome recovery rates we’ve been seeing, Jilt’s pricing is actually very cheap. It’s only costing them ~0.9% of recovered revenue…

Seriously, try it out

tl;dr You can unlock a high percentage of lost sales for a reasonable price with less than an hour of setup. After installing this on a client shop a few months ago, they have seen monthly recovered revenue in the 5-10% range of total revenue. That’s big!

Get started for free at jilt.com.

*This post contains affiliate links.

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